Know the symptoms of CO poisoning

…whether a BBQ or any other source of Carbon Monoxide the symptoms are the same

The trade press for Gas Engineers tries to keep the engineers informed about legislation and trends and issues arising in the industry. Some of the articles are simply reminders of the basics – like this one.

BBQs are no different from any other potential source of Carbon Monoxide (CO). When they are used in the open air the dangers of CO Poisoning are small but it appears that people need reminding that they should never be used in confined spaces.

However, the restatement of the symptoms of CO poisoning is always useful. People forget – although it isn’t likely your gas engineer will ever forget. But the reminder to keep talking about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide are well worthwhile.

So, the symptoms of CO poisoning are: Headaches, nausea, breathlessness, dizziness, collapse and loss of consciousness.

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CO poisoning and bbqs