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Lincat Service Training Certificate

Lincat Service Training CertificateTower engineer, Paul Surman, recently completed and was certified against the Lincat Service Training Course. Lincat are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of commercial fryers, ovens, griddles, grills, chargrills, induction hobs, merchandisers and hot cupboards.

Many of Tower’s clients use Lincat equipment and Paul has significant experience both in using the equipment as a Chef some years ago and in more recent years as a catering equipment engineer.

Blue Seal

Tower have been working with Blue Seal equipment for many years.

Today we install, service and repair all types of Blue Seal catering equipment and, as a Blue Seal preferred contractor, we cover warranty claims in the East Midlands (Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire).

Blue Seal are one of the leading manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. Their manufacturing base is in Christchurch, New Zealand and they have a very strong presence in the UK with their UK head office in Birmingham.

Their brand range includes:

Blue Seal

Blue Seal Evolution Series
Blue Seal Cobra
Blue Seal Turbofan




Their product range covers:

Barbecues, Bench Tops, Bratt Pans, Chargrills, Combination Steamers, Cooktops, Dishwashers, Fryers, Glasswashers, Griddle Toasters, Griddles, Holding Cabinets, Hood Washers, Induction Cooktops, Mixers, Oven Ranges, Ovens, Pasta Cookers, Salamanders, Target Tops

During October Nottingham Girls School (NGS) will be having their old Zanussi flight dishwasher replaced with a new Meiko machine. As with other well run commercial catering operations the kitchen equipment at NGS is on a rolling replacement program.

Tower Engineers performing the contracted preventative maintenance work identify which equipment is coming towards the end of its useful, efficient and reliable life. The catering manager is informed of any equipment which is getting heavily used and wearing quickest in plenty of time (usually 12-18 months in advance of possible issues) to allow effective financial planning for replacement.

This approach allows the identification of problematic areas & equipment with a view to minimising any issues of unreliability or downtime in expensive and critical kitchen equipment. The aim for both the catering manager and Tower is to ensure that the catering operation is as cost effective as possible over the long term.

After the extended summer break it isn’t unusual for commercial catering engineers, like Tower, to get called out to schools and colleges to re-start some equipment.

Ovens & flight dishwashers, and other key pieces which have been worked hard during term time, deep cleaned and then left sitting for up to a couple of months don’t always start-up without problems. Not unlike many cars which have been driven hard & then left unused for a few months.

The process of cleaning can itself cause problems if the equipment is simply cleaned and then left. We always recommend that after a deep clean catering equipment is fired up again to ensure that everything functions properly and that any moisture is removed prior to an extended shut down.

GRANULDISK DiplomaTower Engineer, Paul Surman, recently completed the extensive training program in the installation, repair and servicing of GRANULDISK’s range of pot washing machines. The training took place at the manufacturers facility in Sweden and Tower are now approved and recommended by GRANULDISK to undertake warranty work on this type of equipment across Leicestershire / The Midlands.

Continuing Tower’s long-standing policy of working with innovative and market leading manufacturers of commercial catering equipment the technology behind the GRANULDISK equipment provides kitchens with a viable alternative to conventional potwashing solutions.

The range of equipment includes: Granule Smart, Granule Gastro, Granule Combi, Granule Flexi & Granule Maxi and covers the requirements of commercial kitchens from the small to the seriously large. The technology behind the range uses Granules (small, blue plastic pellets) and hot water to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean – and eliminates the need for pre-washing. The blasting power (of the granules) together with high temperature water washes pots and pans hygienically clean in a matter of minutes, using far less water, energy and chemicals than traditional pot washing methods.




Ventilation / Extraction

Quoting from BS6173:2009 Section 11.2 Interlocking

“An interlock shall be provided which will cut off the gas supply or prevent the operation of appliances if the mechanical ventilation system provides an inadequate airflow rate for the safe operation of appliances and the safety of personnel.

If an installation pre-dating September 2001 does not have an interlock fitted, the installation shall be assessed to establish whether an unacceptable risk is likely to arise.”

Tower Commercial Catering come across such installations (pre Sept. 2001) periodically and undertake the required assessment. To date, only seven kitchens have been classed as unsafe i.e. the level of risk associated with the installation has been deemed unacceptable. In each case the absence of the interlock system hasn’t been the only problem – merely one more indicator of an unsafe kitchen environment.

For kitchens which have yet to assess their operational safety relating to ventilation issues or any other aspect of operation we recommend doing so as soon as practicable. Much better to be safe than sorry!

With the growth of on-line purchasing and discounted catering equipment supply, Tower is seeing an increase in enquiries from both the suppliers and the purchasers for commercial catering equipment installation and repair services.

Shopping around for the best deal on the equipment purchase can save the kitchen thousands but it often leaves the buyer needing to find a reliable, certified engineer to do the install or to maintain and repair the equipment later in its life.


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Tower Commercial Catering continually train to maintain and extend skill sets and ensure that all of the major brands can be installed and serviced. Paul Surman, Director of Tower, is fully factory trained and certified on all Palux commercial catering equipment ensuring that installations of new Palux equipment into kitchens across Leicestershire and the Midlands and maintenance services for kitchens already using the leading brand can be performed safely and effectively.

Tower has no axe to grind over different commercial catering equipment brands – we maintain, repair and install all leading brands. However, we do see Palux as being likely to grow as a leading brand in the UK as a viable competitor to Rationale.

Euro Catering Equipment Ltd are the sole importers of Palux catering equipment to the UK. Contact them if you would like a demonstration of the equipment. If you do talk to Euro Catering about Palux equipment please feel free to quote TowerComm to get a discount on installation costs.