San Carlo, Granby Street Leicester, a high class Italian restaurant recently needed an upgrade to their gas supply to give a better flow of gas to their well used equipment.

To avoid disruption to their daily operations the work was performed, by a Tower Gas Safe Registered Engineer, in the early morning (starting at 4.00am). It involved moving from a 1/2″ main to a 1″ main and the fitting of an electrical gas solenoid ECV (Emergency Control Valve) linked to the stop switch.

Definition: An ECV provides a safety feature allowing someone evacuating the premises in an emergency to simply punch a button to cut off all gas supply to the facility. An ECV is fitted in addition to the mandatory manual Off Lever which also cuts the supply.

Palux 10GN Combi Ovens
Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire

Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire

Harlaxton Manor, nr Grantham in Lincolnshire, recently upgraded their Olis Combi Ovens.

Having previously worked with the team at Harlaxton it was great to go back in again, with EuroCatering, to install two of the latest Palux 10 Grid Combi ovens which take approximately half the physical space but provide the same oven capacity (10 GN – Gastronorm Trays).

Palux 10GN Combi Ovens

Palux 10GN Combi Ovens

Ladywood House Kitchen
Ladywood House Kitchen

Ladywood House Kitchen – the finished article

Tower recently assisted Euro Catering Equipment Ltd in the installation of a new kitchen at Ladywood House (near Oakham, Rutland).

Equipment installed included:

  • Fryers
  • Solid tops
  • 20 grid combi oven
  • Table top water boiler
  • Fridges
    • double door upright fridge
    • double door upright freezer
  • Assorted sinks & tabling
  • Mobile hot cupboards & overhead light gantries

It was a pleasure to work with the Euro Catering team (a fairly frequent occurrence) and a delight to be at Ladywood House.

Ladywood House - as work commenced

Ladywood House – as work commenced

Ladywood House - work in progress

Ladywood House – work in progress

Ladywood House - kitchen nearly finished

Ladywood House – kitchen nearly finished


GRANULDISK DiplomaTower Engineer, Paul Surman, recently completed the extensive training program in the installation, repair and servicing of GRANULDISK’s range of pot washing machines. The training took place at the manufacturers facility in Sweden and Tower are now approved and recommended by GRANULDISK to undertake warranty work on this type of equipment across Leicestershire / The Midlands.

Continuing Tower’s long-standing policy of working with innovative and market leading manufacturers of commercial catering equipment the technology behind the GRANULDISK equipment provides kitchens with a viable alternative to conventional potwashing solutions.

The range of equipment includes: Granule Smart, Granule Gastro, Granule Combi, Granule Flexi & Granule Maxi and covers the requirements of commercial kitchens from the small to the seriously large. The technology behind the range uses Granules (small, blue plastic pellets) and hot water to mechanically scrub pots and pans clean – and eliminates the need for pre-washing. The blasting power (of the granules) together with high temperature water washes pots and pans hygienically clean in a matter of minutes, using far less water, energy and chemicals than traditional pot washing methods.




With the growth of on-line purchasing and discounted catering equipment supply, Tower is seeing an increase in enquiries from both the suppliers and the purchasers for commercial catering equipment installation and repair services.

Shopping around for the best deal on the equipment purchase can save the kitchen thousands but it often leaves the buyer needing to find a reliable, certified engineer to do the install or to maintain and repair the equipment later in its life.


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