Commercial kitchens, across Leicestershire and the Midlands, may have been saving money in recent months, and possibly years, by not having their catering equipment regularly serviced. Instead, many have been inconvenienced (at best) over the recent busy period by breakdowns, some of which would have been pre-empted by regular service visits.

Recent weeks have seen engineers called out to repair all sorts of equipment, the most common problems being:

  • broken-down dishwashers and glass-washers – which don’t cause the kitchen to stop, but do cause a major headache
  • non functioning ovens and ranges – causing service to be interrupted / delayed

Whenever possible the Tower engineers have minimised downtime and got the equipment operating (safely) using running repairs until the necessary spare parts have arrived. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible and then the Chefs / kitchens have been looking for alternative solutions.