Chinese restaurants & takeaways often have custom built Wok Cooking Ranges. In these ranges there are a number of Woks which sit on water cooled tubes which house the fierce open gas flames. Tower recently had to repair one in the Leicester area.

While replacing the burner (because of corrosion) the Tower engineer noticed that the main supporting bar (which had been made from Mild Steel) had corroded almost to the point of breaking (see the image below). Had the bar broken while the Burners were in use they would all have collapsed with resulting gas, flames and pipework spilling out and a major safety or fire risk if luck hadn’t been on their side.

After fixing the burner problem Tower replaced the mild steel support with a stainless steel one which will not corrode.

Tower Recommend - a Visual Inspection

Tower recommend all owners of such Chinese Wok Cookers to take the front panel off and do a visual inspection of the supporting framework for the main burners and pilots.

Corroded Chinese Wok Range