CO poisoning cases continue to rise

All the work that Tower undertake is commercial in nature (Restaurants, School Canteens, Mobile Catering Units, Cafes, Pubs, Prisons etc etc) and happens in an environment where somebody has a legal responsibility for the health and safety of the operation. However, it remains the case that, an awful lot of small business owners / managers / chefs  are no more clued up about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning than it appears many householders are.

Currently there is no legislation mandating the presence of a CO alarm in a commercial kitchen – indeed there are no commercially available detectors / alarms designed for commercial kitchens. We hope both (the law and the equipment) will arrive soon.

Overall the reported number of cases of people affected by CO poisoning continues to rise. There is no separation in the numbers we have seen between the cases in the domestic environment vs those in commercial kitchens. But the very fact that the number of cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning is rising is worth talking about. The Registered Gas Engineer magazine (Nov 2017) ran an article titled Raising the alarm – specifically focussing on the domestic situation).

In your kitchen if the engineer you use doesn’t whip out a ECGA (Electronic Combustion Gas Analyser) on a regular basis it might be worth asking again to see their certification. These are becoming more and more common as the cases in the news of CO deaths grow more frequent.

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