Commercial Catering Equipment Suppliers

With the growth of on-line purchasing and discounted catering equipment supply, Tower is seeing an increase in enquiries from both the suppliers and the purchasers for commercial catering equipment installation and repair services.

Shopping around for the best deal on the equipment purchase can save the kitchen thousands but it often leaves the buyer needing to find a reliable, certified engineer to do the install or to maintain and repair the equipment later in its life.


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  1. Kitchen Commercial Equipment
    Kitchen Commercial Equipment says:

    The folks at Tower have put together a fantastic guide here. I’ve learned from experience that when buying kitchen equipment it’s important not to be tempted by cheaper, cut-price models. The initial savings may be offset by future servicing and repair costs. If in doubt, go for a reputable, long-standing brand. They’re a popular sellers for this very reason and are more likely to offer good customer support.

    Best wishes, Alex.

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