COP 24 Update (2018)

Commercial LP Gas Appliances – flame supervision devices

This post discusses the 2018 update to COP (Code of Practice) 24 concerning the requirement for Commercial LPG Appliances, including BBQs, to have a Flame Supervision (Failure) Device installed. 

It is now not permissible for your Gas Safe catering engineer to issue a Gas Safety Certificate for appliances without a Flame Supervision Device. However, they can make out a Gas Safety Inspection Report. This report may include the condition of the appliance and takes into consideration the environment in which the appliance will be used.

Cinders BBQsCinders Barbecues Ltd, the market leader in commercial LP Gas Barbecues, have been proactive in their approach to the change – they even participated with UKLPG in the preparation of the change to the code of practice. 

While their existing units can’t be retrofitted with a Flame Supervision Device they can still be used providing the environment in which they are used meets the specification of Section 2.2 of the Code which says that a single appliance supplied by a single cylinder does not need a Flame Supervision Device if the gazebo (build-up, gazebo, marquee, tent, stall or other temporary structure) has one long side completely open and there is a 150mm (6 inch) gap to ground around the other three.

Cinders have launched a new range of barbecues which are fitted with the Flame Supervision Devices and meet the needs of the owners, operators and the venues/festivals. Because some operators, and some venues/festivals, are applying the regulations broadly The range are the ‘FESTIVAL‘ models. The existing range will be rebranded as ‘CLASSIC’. ‘CLASSIC’ models are certified to BS EN 498:2012 (Barbecues for Outdoor Use) and cannot be retrofitted with FSD’s without substantial changes which would breach their CE Approved design.