LPG Pipework for Commercial Catering

…when converting a domestic caravan to commercial catering use

One of the key differences between domestic and commercial LPG catering appliances, is the required flow amount of gas. Domestic caravan pipework can not be used if the van is converted for commercial use. Commercial LPG appliances require pipework of at least 15mm diameter while the domestic standard is only 8mm diameter.

These photos show an amateur attempt to convert a van from domestic to commercial catering use. And, apart from the poorly secured pipework, a major problem is the joining of the two different diameters of piping. This isn’t acceptable. All of the pipework needs to meet the required commercial standard with no attempts to join the different diameters. And, for neatness and safety, the pipework needs to be properly laid out and supported.

As a mobile unit, the consequences of vibration whilst travelling with unsupported pipework is immense.