The future of the catering engineering industry

Just 1 in 10 teens urged to consider apprenticeship

Properly qualified catering engineers don’t grow on trees! Nor do any other sort of engineer.

In order to ensure that new blood enters the industry youngsters need to be encouraged to consider technical qualifications and apprenticeships. Not everyone worries about (or even considers) the future of their industry but Paul S. does. He sees coming a time when there is a shortage of properly qualified and experienced Gas Safe Engineers to support the catering industry. That isn’t in anyone’s best interest. Competition from newcomers to the trade isn’t a problem which taxes Paul’s mind. He is more concerned that, without young people coming into the industry, progress will become more difficult and safety may be compromised.

When new technologies such as the hydrogen fuel cell is sufficiently developed to be rolled out across industries such as commercial catering there will need to be the engineers around to ensure that the implementation can happen. The future developments which will increase safety, reduce cost of operation and minimise environmental impact will need engineers to install and maintain them. The report in the Gas Safe magazine (March 2020) doesn’t make for positive reading!

new blood - apprenticeship article