When you haven’t got a preventative maintenance contract in place and you need a breakdown / emergency repair service Tower Commercial Catering offer the following which, our clients tell us, makes us different from our competition.

  • Best effort to leave equipment working and safe on the first visit
    • we don’t merely tell you what is wrong, which you had already guessed, we make every effort to leave you with a safe working piece of equipment
  • Quotation, where possible, for additional parts and labour required
    • when we can get a price there and then for required parts and labour we will. This enables you to make better decisions
  • Realistic appraisal of cost / benefit of repair vs replacement
    • We don’t sell new equipment so, when you call out Tower to your broken / unsafe commercial catering equipment, you are assured that our focus is on getting the existing equipment working as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
    • You will only hear that you need to replace the entire piece of equipment when it is true. Remember, we lose the revenue from new equipment for the period of the warranty. However, we all risk losing even more if we allow you to continue to use an unsafe piece of equipment.
    • We will install all catering equipment manufacturers kit if bought elsewhere, subject to a site survey

Please note standard call-out charges apply to all breakdown / repair visits. These are based on distance from the Clock Tower in Leicester.

We provide our Breakdown / Repair service on the types of catering equipment from the catering equipment manufacturers listed.

We are specialists in Caledonian Control interlock systems – the only interlock system currently certified to British Standards.