LPG Certified Engineers

The choice of fuels available for a commercial kitchen is: Natural Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Electric. However, not all commercial catering engineers are certified to work with LPG – Tower are!

There is no major difference in performance or set-up of your kitchen between using Natural Gas and LPG. However…

  • LPG is a higher calorific gas and therefore requires smaller pipe sizes for the same kilowatt output e.g. 32mm pipes for Natural Gas may be reduced to 22mm for LPG.
  • LPG is heavier than air so there is a requirement to ensure adequate low level venting of kitchens to cater for any spillage. Natural Gas is lighter than air and rises.

Often, the decision between using Natural Gas and LPG has either already been made for kitchen managers / specifiers by the previous owner / occupier or is driven by the unavailability of a Natural Gas supply to the kitchen.

If you operate an LPG fuelled kitchen or are specifying the equipment installation or upgrade for an LPG kitchen and require an LPG certified and qualified engineer please contact Tower. Tower currently work with a number of LPG users including commercial catering trailers and premises not connected to the gas main.

RPH & LAV Users

If you have a requirement to service equipment in RPH (Residential Park Homes) or LAV (Leisure Activity Vehicles) please contact us and we will discuss how best to proceed.