Mobile catering testing & certification

Safety check required every 6 to 12 months – depending on use…

Every mobile catering trailer and van is required to have a safety check (by a properly qualified and approved engineer) every 6 to 12 months.

At first glance this might seem a little vague. However, common sense suggests that mobile catering units which are relocated daily and/or are heavily used are likely to suffer a much greater level of wear and tear than a trailer which, by-and-large, remains parked / stationary for longer periods.

When you consider the possible impact of a bad connection or damaged piping it makes sense to test a trailer or van based on the likelihood of problems rather than stretching the testing period to the full extent the law permits (12 months). After all, conscientious owners and operators are not testing just because the law says that they must but primarily to safeguard the well being of the people operating the catering unit.

Tower Recommend - Set your Test frequency based on the use of the mobile unit.

Heavily used mobile catering units (those which are moved around a lot) should be tested every 6 months else test within 12 months.