Team Races to PLacesIn 2020 Tower Commercial Catering are sponsoring, for the third time, Lyndon Poskitt who is competing in the Team Races to Places, Race to Dakar 2020 : Africa Eco Race Rally.

Lyndon is riding a 2019 KTM. He is part of a 5 man riding team with a large support team.

Tower is one of the title sponsors on each video for the TEAM RACES TO PLACES Africa Eco Race. Tower are sponsoring the second to last video, so hoping to get the episode as they are about to cross the finish line in Dakar.

The race starts on 5th January. We wish the team well – please follow the videos at

For those of you who know Paul Surman of Tower you will understand why Tower are sponsoring Lyndon in the Africa Eco Race Rally bike race. For those who don’t know Paul – to put it mildly he is a bike enthusiast! Or bike mad!

Previously Tower sponsored Lyndon in the 2013 Dakar Race, and the 2018 Dakar, in the Malle Moto class. For those who know nothing about the race the Malle Moto class is viewed as possibly the most difficult endurance race of any kind, anywhere. The rider has no support team, no backup and is the sole resource not only for the riding but the maintenance of the bike too. And that is no mean feat!

Below you can watch the Tower sponsored video from this year’s Race or watch an hour long video to get a feel for what Lyndon faced in the 2018 race.