Bowing to client pressure Paul Surman of Tower Commercial Catering recently became certified to “install, exchange, disconnect, service, repair, breakdown and commission Domestic Gas Cooking Appliances” in a commercial environment.

Across the Midlands there are a significant number of organisations which use domestic gas cooking appliances:

  • in a demo or training environment
    • schools and colleges training chefs and providing domestic science (or cookery) classes
  • in a development (R&D) environment
    • food manufacturers who make for the domestic food market – microwave meals, boil in the bag etc and need to do development work on domestic appliances

Such organisations have found it difficult to retain the services of qualified gas engineers to support their businesses.

  • Domestic engineers are rarely able to service this equipment because the insurance / liability requirements that commercial enterprises place on them are too high to be affordable / viable.
  • Commercial gas engineers are rarely correctly certified to work on domestic gas appliances.

CKR1 Certified

With the CKR1 certificate which Paul now holds (and the necessary insurance cover of Public Liability – £5,000,000 / Employers Liability – £10,000,000) he is now able to provide organisations with the full range of certified gas engineering services covering both commercial and domestic cooking appliances.