Church kitchen complete

The Rugby Christian Fellowship contracted Tower (through partner Euro Catering Ltd) to transform an empty room into a complete kitchen during November.

When our engineers arrived the room was a complete void, with just a few pipes sticking out of the wall. When they left (3 days later**) it was a working kitchen with:

  • Palux 4 ring Induction hob
  • Palux Vario Pad
  • Giorik 10 Grid Combi Oven
  • Hot Cupboard & Light Gantry
  • Dishwasher
  • Extraction System
  • Sinks & waste disposal

Tower performed all of the electrical, plumbing and waste connection work. All equipment in the kitchen is electrically powered.

**Taking just 3 days for a complete kitchen installation project such as this one is unusual. Tower don’t generally recommend that clients plan for such a short turnaround time unless they have very unusual circumstances and the budget to support such a project.

Recently Tower installed a new Palux Combi Oven in a small restaurant near Warwick Castle.

The install would have been quick and simple except for one ‘minor error’ in the pre-installation survey conducted by the Restaurant owner. The owner knew that the building had a 3 phase electrical supply and assumed that the kitchen was on that circuit. Unfortunately, the 3 phase stopped outside the kitchen.

So, before installing the Palux, it was necessary to run the 3 phase power into the kitchen. If there had been no 3-phase in the building then the project would have proved to be something of a nightmare.

This is one example of why a professional pre-installation site survey is always recommended prior to the purchase and installation of new commercial catering equipment.

Palux 10GN Combi Ovens
Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire

Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire

Harlaxton Manor, nr Grantham in Lincolnshire, recently upgraded their Olis Combi Ovens.

Having previously worked with the team at Harlaxton it was great to go back in again, with EuroCatering, to install two of the latest Palux 10 Grid Combi ovens which take approximately half the physical space but provide the same oven capacity (10 GN – Gastronorm Trays).

Palux 10GN Combi Ovens

Palux 10GN Combi Ovens

Tower Commercial Catering continually train to maintain and extend skill sets and ensure that all of the major brands can be installed and serviced. Paul Surman, Director of Tower, is fully factory trained and certified on all Palux commercial catering equipment ensuring that installations of new Palux equipment into kitchens across Leicestershire and the Midlands and maintenance services for kitchens already using the leading brand can be performed safely and effectively.

Tower has no axe to grind over different commercial catering equipment brands – we maintain, repair and install all leading brands. However, we do see Palux as being likely to grow as a leading brand in the UK as a viable competitor to Rationale.

Euro Catering Equipment Ltd are the sole importers of Palux catering equipment to the UK. Contact them if you would like a demonstration of the equipment. If you do talk to Euro Catering about Palux equipment please feel free to quote TowerComm to get a discount on installation costs.