Corroded Chinese Wok Range

Chinese restaurants & takeaways often have custom built Wok Cooking Ranges. In these ranges there are a number of Woks which sit on water cooled tubes which house the fierce open gas flames. Tower recently had to repair one in the Leicester area.

Recently Tower installed a new Palux Combi Oven in a small restaurant near Warwick Castle.

The install would have been quick and simple except for one ‘minor error’ in the pre-installation survey conducted by the Restaurant owner. The owner knew that the building had a 3 phase electrical supply and assumed that the kitchen was on that circuit. Unfortunately, the 3 phase stopped outside the kitchen.

So, before installing the Palux, it was necessary to run the 3 phase power into the kitchen. If there had been no 3-phase in the building then the project would have proved to be something of a nightmare.

This is one example of why a professional pre-installation site survey is always recommended prior to the purchase and installation of new commercial catering equipment.

San Carlo, Granby Street Leicester, a high class Italian restaurant recently needed an upgrade to their gas supply to give a better flow of gas to their well used equipment.

To avoid disruption to their daily operations the work was performed, by a Tower Gas Safe Registered Engineer, in the early morning (starting at 4.00am). It involved moving from a 1/2″ main to a 1″ main and the fitting of an electrical gas solenoid ECV (Emergency Control Valve) linked to the stop switch.

Definition: An ECV provides a safety feature allowing someone evacuating the premises in an emergency to simply punch a button to cut off all gas supply to the facility. An ECV is fitted in addition to the mandatory manual Off Lever which also cuts the supply.