Cutting corners with gas isn’t safe (or legal)

…use a trained, qualified and certified gas engineer to protect your staff and business

Every month there are articles in trade magazines and local and national press about jobs carried out by ‘illegal gas fitters’. Many of the pieces talk of the problem in the domestic environment but the issue is present in the commercial sector too.

Work carried out by unqualified, untrained, uncertified gas engineers poses a real threat to the safety of the employees of the business and even to the survival of the business itself.

Sometimes the business owner might try to do some of the work themselves or to get a ‘mate’ to do it for them. The shortcut is not a good idea. If found out the owner of the business risks prosecution. If not found out the risk might be even greater for the kitchen staff and even the customers – CO poisoning, gas escapes, fire and explosions.

The expertise necessary for a gas engineer to become (and remain) certified and accredited by the Gas Safe register is designed to ensure that they keep up-to-date with new practises and legislation. The whole system is targeted at ensuring safe practice is adhered to and that unsafe work is identified, reported and rectified as soon as possible.

If you are looking to have work done in your commercial kitchen protect yourself, your staff and your business by using a registered Gas Safe engineer.

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