Wayne Parker

Wayne Parker has been part of the Tower team for almost a year. Working with Paul, he is rapidly building on his extensive engineering background with the knowledge and skills of a commercial catering engineer.

Wayne’s engineering pedigree includes 2 years of college and 10 years in the REME with the 7th Royal Anglian Regiment. The REME is the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. It is a corps of the British Army that maintains the equipment that the Army uses. Leicestershire born and bred, Wayne has worked in the garages of pretty much every major brand of cars.

When asked what his interests were he could only come up with ‘anything and everything mechanical’. In fact, after his family (wife & two kids) it seems like Wayne is absolutely mad about MG cars and a happy supporter of Leicester City.

Working as a commercial catering engineer suits Wayne, not just because of the varied and interesting opportunities it provides but also because, at 44, he is blessed with the sort of metabolism that allows him to sample all of the food offered when visiting/working in the kitchens of some of Leicestershire’s finest catering establishments.